Commitments & know-how

Meeting and dialogue with sensitive artisans

Maar creations are the fruit of the meeting and dialogue of two complementary entities, the universe of Maar and the hand of the craftsman whose imprint is perceptible on each object, the material manifestation of the innate and the acquired.

The acquired knowledge includes all the know-how, sometimes thousands of years old. The innate, intangible, refers to the sensitivity which goes beyond know-how, the extra soul that the craftsman transmits to the object.

These encounters have a scent of evidence, the intuition that the craftsman will be able to restore Maar's initial intention and transmit his sensitivity and interpretation. Maar designs each relationship, each collaboration with care and humility.

Unique and thoughtful objects

It is natural to ask ourselves certain questions about an object that we
wishes to acquire – the identity of its designer and manufacturer, its
geographical origin, the nature of the materials used. This reveals a look
different in the way we wish to inhabit the world. The objects that we
surround then take on a particular meaning and release an emotional force
almost palpable.

Short and local circuits

At Maar, setting up two short circuits is a choice, a
conviction. The manufacturing workshops are established in France and Europe,
materials also come from these regions. The collection is
only sold in France and Europe.

Fair and balanced margin

Maar's economic model is based on a distribution of the value of
balanced way; the sales prices and margin are fair.