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Beneath its bold appearance, Maar is both a centerpiece and a fruit bowl. Maar is the obvious focus of this collection. The assembly of a glazed earthenware sphere and two wicker baskets gives it a sculptural aspect, between enigmatic eternity and anchoring in everyday life.

> Matériaux et fabrication

In La Bisbal, a Catalan pottery center known for its red earth, Joan and Carles made Maar in glazed earthenware.

In Fayl-Billot, the historic center of basketry in France, Marguerite woven the baskets with wicker that she obtained locally.

What may seem like irregularities are manifestations of Maar's artisanal manufacturing, they give it singularity and character.

-Sphere: glazed earthenware - diam. 20cm

-Baskets: light wicker - 34 x 12 cm

-3 independent elements that fit together

> Entretien
Cleaning is carried out with a soft, dry cloth.

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